Welcome on my trip towards something…

I have come to the realization that I am almost 30; the good thing is I look more like I am 20. Needless to say I have decided to make quite a few changes in my life and this I hope will be my way to document those changes.

I am currently employed and will most likely continue to be for the near future.  The two main changes I am trying to make is both to my diet and finances.

I used to have the metabolism that let me drink a couple of beers and a large pizza nightly with the only negative being less money the next day. These days if I tried that I would feel it for about two days, I still sometimes break down and order a pizza but I am trying to wean myself off of it.

Currently eating a light breakfast cup of dry cereal (low sugar) with OJ and Skim Milk, followed by a another cup of dry cereal(yes, trying the Special K approach as a guy) for lunch. I eat a reasonable meal for dinner. During the day I drink about 10 cups of coffee and about between one and two liters of water with some Crystal Light for flavor. I have removed most fruit juices and soda even the diet versions, I do eat one scoop of ice cream per week. I would prefer some Bailey Irish Cream but currently settle for either mint chocolate chip or cookies and cream. I am trying to eat more fruit but honestly the fruit I can get my hands on does not appeal to me, other then a banana here and now.

As for money, for a long time I did not pay attention to what I spent. You would think that since my first computer was a Packett Bell 166mhz computer from Sears back during my Freshmen year of college and it took me three years to pay it off while working at minimum wage as part of my financial aid I would know better. But, it was not till recently (a few days ago) that I honestly started doing the math. Since college I have always been comfortable in my lifestyle, I never had the best but I also never needed anything.

I am in the process of maxing out my Roth IRA. I have put in my max for this year and last year. Due to the HERO act that was passed, I am in the process of maxing my IRA for 2005, since I can still make a payment since due to being deployed overseas that year. My focus has now shifted to TSP, or the federal governments version of a 401(k). At the same time I have finally started to track my budget using an excel sheet I created, I pay to buy some better software (Quicken 2007 for Mac) so I can download my statements and auto-track instead of tracking everything by hand.

This has further led me to consider that buying a house, which I had planned to do may not be the best idea, since due to my constant moves, renting is normally cheaper then a mortgage payment and its far simpler.

So, that in the nutshell is the first step on the journey.


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