A couple choices…

As a few friends pointed out I have a bit of disposable income sitting around which I need to find a good use for.

I need to create a emergency fund which I will not touch unless I really need it. So I plan to  start putting money monthy into the Saving Deposit Program.  Its a program for DOD personnel who are deployed which has a 10% interest rate up to $10,000. When I get back I can put it into a saving account my bank offers with a 4.81% rate; that way I will have a nice fund that I can liquidate if I need it.

I have set a goal amount of $10,000 for furniture, I may raise this to $15,000. This may seem high but honestly I only have one decent furniture piece that my 50″ HDTV sets on. Everything else is a Walmart quailty particle board that looks ok, till you try to move it and it falls into multiply pieces. I move so often I need to buy some decent furniture that while not expensive will move with me and last for a few decades. IKEA seems to be hit and miss, you either get an amazing product or you get something that may as well have come from “Walmart”; I do hear they have nice cheap sofa’s though. I currently have a sofa I got used for $50 bucks. It has a horrible blue floral pattern, that was my introduction to the world of slipcovers. I have been looking at Room and Board for quite a bit, the craftsmanship seems to be topnotch but the price reflects that. If anyone has any opinions or ideas let me know.

Still trying to figure out how much I want to put aside for clothing. I still got shirts from college and others I have collected over the years. My choices of “nice” are limited; most falls into wear it on the weekend around the house and town. I am not going for name brand as much as quality; with the intention of taking care of it so I can wear it for years to come.

I got a shirt I ordered from KATG today in the mail. Its a entertaining podcast that I started to listen to awhile ago. It’s for the mature or immature audience to be honest. I would recommend you try it yourself and decide.

Since its Sunday, I was able to grab an extra hour of sleep. I average six hours of sleep; about 2 hours of “me” time and the rest is work each day.  Was reading an article in Star and Stripes today which mentioned many people are only getting four hours of sleep. Four hours is what is recommended that everyone needs for a 24 hour period. That is not for continuous operations however; four hours a day for much more then a few weeks will burnout anyone out.


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