Memorial Day

Memorial Day seems to take on a much more sober tone when the names that are read off are people you knew; as a kid I knew why memorial day existed but mostly it was a day off from school. Ask, most people and they will say its the day the pools open. I was reading an article recently about Warriors’ Walk at Fort Stewart. Due, to the current deployment they will have to expand the walk again to make room for the fallen. The Warriors’ Walk is a memorial to 3ID soldiers who have fallen in since OIF I. Each fallen Soldier is marked by a tree and a marker, a light shines on each tree at night. The memorials help remind people who may not have those memories. You remember the person and what effect and impression they had on you.  That is true, no matter if a Soldier or a civilian, only the manner of their death is different. One would hope that when I die, and we all do, that I will have had a postive effect on those that met me and that I will be remembered. Memorial Day is suppost to be that time for all Soldiers who have given, no matter the conflict or the politics.

That may be why every-time I am back to the states everything feels like I am watching a movie.  Its like the world has been turned upside down, the trivial and the significance have replaced each other. Everything, which is trivial seems to consume everyone’s time, while the things which really matter just drift by with only a few people noticing. From the time, you step off the plane, you would not know that US troops are deployed around the world from just going though your normal day. Maybe, its easier to just ignore it; then to think about it and the ramifications. Quite honestly, I do not expect many people who are not in the service to understand.  We are so sheltered from the realities of the world, the media certainly does not address them or portray them correctly when it even attempts to. Expatriates or tourists may come the closest to understanding. Massive differences from reading or hearing about something and living though it.  Its something of a Catch 22 in that I would not wish a person to have to live though it, but at the same time its the only way they can come close to understanding.  I need to think quite a bit more, since most of this is a jumble.

It has nothing to do with “support” we are getting more of that then most likely any group since WWII; we still have critics though, I remember the one cute 20 something redhead in Atlanta who called me a “baby-killer” as  she brushed by me while walking though the airport back in 2005. The most annoying thing is not that she was a critic, but that she didn’t do her research. I have no issues with supporters or critics, though there are extremists on both sides.  The beauty of our system is that people can have opinions and express them. I just wish people on both sides, took the time to actually learn before they take a stance and express their opinion.

In other news, I have started to look at microeconomics. Mostly micro-loans, two companies Kiva and Prosper, deal with them in the United States. Kiva focuses on giving money to people in third world countries to make improvements in their life; but the loan holder gets no interest on the loan. I have come to think of it as a revolving charity. Prosper on the other hand focuses on loans to people in the United States at rates lower then credit card interest rates but higher then what a bank would charge. The people asking for the loans normally cannot get the loan from a bank due to their credit or the amount is too small. The majority of the loan requests seem to be for getting out of credit card debt. The loan period is three years so the interest tends to be low unless you give loans to people with bad credit; however even with a 3% interest rate which is lower then a saving account you may get more benefit from knowing you helped someone. I may put $500 into both to experiment.

I started the TSP, putting all my extra pay in at 100% and 20% of my base pay. I may increase that after I see how much it effects me. SDP finally took, I saw the first installment go in this month. 

 Been listening to quite a bit of jazz music of late, tends to be very relaxing. As of late I have been trying to download some pod-casts of the Internet but the connection is horrible over here. Working to get everything, I use on the Internet a bit more organized instead of the mix and match that that currently exists. Not sure if “disorganized” is a good way to describe the Internet but seems to fit. Downsizing though programs and sites so that I can better use my time and get more done. Got my calorie intake down to a good level, around 2400 a day. Its amazing how something that is small has more calories then some entire meals. Need to start finding time to hit the gym here daily.


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