Quick Update 3 JUN 07

Looks like I am on track with my Roth IRA and 401(k)/TSP. I really wish the military got matching contributions from the government like civilian employees get. It looks like I am on-track to try to max my 401(k) with my $45k, tax except limit since I am deployed.

Now, that I have my retirement portion basically started; I need to start looking at just regular investments. I am doing more research into those now; more to follow.

Decided to put only $250 into both the Kiva and Prosper experiments instead of $500. So far I have funded ten $25 dollar loans. I can see myself putting maybe $500 more into my “revolving charity”. I do have some concerns with the micro-loan system since it seems some people end up using them much like a pay-day loan (without the high interest); the system may lead to dependence. I need to do some more research.

As for Prosper, I have been waiting almost a week for the transfer from my bank to Prosper to finish. My bank shows it is complete, Prosper does not. Prosper seems to be based on having to reinvest whatever interest you earn each month back into Prosper to really see any interest gained.  The model favors Prosper (they do run it), next the borrower and lastly the loan-owner. Majority of loan-owners seem to be broke into two groups the “lets help people” or “lets be loan-sharks”. The thing that strikes me is that the majority of people you see listed on Prosper are people you would never loan money to in person. The majority of the borrowers make no logical sense, “Help us be debt free by Christmas” for example. The loan from Prosper is a three year loanLoan=Debt.

Today was my ice cream day (once a week) I ate a big scoop of chocolate that I swear tasted better because I do not eat it daily.

I also started to brush my teeth after every meal. Yes, I know we are all supposed to do this but like flossing daily, how many people actually do it? I brushed my teeth twice a day back in the states, now I have a toothbrush w/ paste in my desk and brush after I eat. I use mouthwash after breakfast daily in additional to brushing. I will admit I have not gotten into the habit of flossing yet but I plan to. Reason for the discourse on dental habits is that I do not want to go though all the dental work following the last two times I was overseas. When I returned from Korea I had about seven dental appointments to fix various major and minor issues (mostly cavities), following my return from Iraq, I was sitting in the dental chair for about ten procedures. I no longer have any concerns about dentists; provided you find a good one I was lucky in that regard. I will again have to see the dentist when I return but this time I am hoping for less visits.


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