Its getting warm

I love Storck Toffifee’s! I do not know what about those hazelnut bundles of joy does it but; I finished a 24 piece box in two days. I have always loved the Risen candies but stopped eating them as part of my movement to be more healthy. Anything made of chocolate over here has melted time and time again. If you open a chocolate candy of any form chances are its no longer in the correct shape and its marked by pitting and white bubbles. All the cocoa butter melts and soaks into the wrapper or box the chocolates are in; so the chocolate is no longer smooth, falls apart and reminds me of baker’s chocolate.

Ran out of my loose Under-Armor shirts; or to be honest I forgot to turn them into the cleaners so having to wear the regular t-shirts. I forgot how much I hate these things. I feel like crap at the end of the day due to all the sweating. Not to mention the seams on the tshirts when wet irritate my underarms. I am going to try getting some bodyglide I read about in a magazine; as soon as I can find a place that will ship APO.

I started a four week T-bill ladder; I will see how well the auctions go on the idea of cycling $1000 dollars every 28 days.

I withdrew my funds from Prosper; I had shifted the funds over (which took almost a week) just to move them back. I kept looking at the people who were asking for loans and as much as I would not mind helping someone; the amount of time involved in searching though all the loans to fund someone I would give a loan to killed that idea.

I am digging more into Vanguard funds for general investment now that I have figured out my retirement portion of savings.

I had mentioned previously that they were offering a $20,000 bonuses; that idea was moved back to the discussion board and will see what the end product is. I would not mind the option of guarantee graduate school if they gave us the opportunity to go to certain schools and get any master’s degree we wanted. I had planned to take the GRE when I got back to the states so that I could drop a packet for ACS (Advanced Civil Schooling).  ACS kind of limits you by money to where you can go to school; and you have to get the degree within 18 months. They may raise the money option to $50,000 after it was noticed that $20,000 is only four months pay and people do not need more money. Most officers have savings and leave days saved up; the problem is getting a chance to use it.  Earlier in the year they made a policy that stated that for each month you were extended you were given one day of administrate leave. The amount of days increased after so many months but the max was 3 days per month if I remember correctly. We already get 30 days of paid leave yearly which I dearly love; however most of us rarely get a chance to use them and are always in the use or lose situation of having to either take leave or lose the days due to job commitments. Normally, units take block leave which is a window based around operations in garrison, before a deployment or a holiday where everyone takes leaves for so many days that month. Its a benefit but not exactly one that makes you go “wow” when you consider that any NCO or Officer can give and does a Soldier a day off at any point as a reward. When I was a in Korea, my platoon Sergeant did formation each morning and gave one Soldier the day off based on his inspection.

I started filling out one of those personity profiles on eHarmony, a co-worker was telling me about how he met his wife on there. They are one of those “success” stories. He said it was innocent fun and harmless but does cost some money. After I looked at the site, which seems to have the end goal of marriage. I am more into relationship idea with marriage down the road based on relationship(s) ( at least I hope this is not the same as entering a room full of desperate women). I have almost finished the profile will see how I match up vs the world and what all the fees are. On the bright side most of the females who use the site; seem to be professional educated women according to him but you still get a few scary ones too.


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