Got started with Vanguard

Opened up an account with them today and put in my initial $3000 for the Vanguard 500 Index Fund.  I will setup an allotment to put around $250 in it each month and just let it build. I avoided the fee’s by signing up to recieve all my documents electronicaly.  I am about to start the process of moving my Roth IRA from USAA to Vanguard.  I love USAA (not everyone is eligible) but the expenses are lower at Vanguard and they have allocation adjusting funds, like the Target Retirement 2045 Fund.  I will still keep my checking, credit cards and insurance at USAA.  Their service is amazing, and one of the few companies who win awards for it. I like finance, but I do not want to do research daily. I would rather add money in over time and collect it later in life with the asset allocation already done.

I am not a financial guru, just explaining what I am doing with my money.

I am realized that as I started to make more money I was also increasing my lifestyle. Lifestyle inflation is not a bad thing, it should increase as you get older and make more. The problem is that too many people live outside their means and while you have nice houses and cars, they are in debt so bad they are taking payday loans out to buy food. *boggle*


One Response to “Got started with Vanguard”

  1. Henry Says:

    You are absolutely right.

    Best wishes with your future endeavors,

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