Wet Shaving

Like men everywhere I have been shaving daily, however I always get irritation on my neck. I shave after taking my morning shower which I have noticed few people do. We have communal shower trailers and most people shave before they shower, but I digress. So, what do I need to do to get a better shave?

I read an article on wet shaving over at The Simple Dollar and decided to look some more into it. Well after some research it seems I doing everything right; one one exception I am using modern shaving. These days when people shave they use either a electronic or a manual shave. I think most will agree that electronic is faster and manual is closer. However, is it a good shave?

Seems, that today’s razor’s are designed to get their “close shave” by raising the hair then cutting the hair. Which results in the hair then being cut below the skin = ingrown hair and irritation. Also, the the razor cartridges and cheap throw aways that are made today are not very sharp, most tear hair more then they cut it. It turns out that the average hair on a man’s face is harder then the edge of most razor’s.

The price for razor blades cartridges are expensive. The price for an eight pack of cartridges costs around $1.25 a razor blade vs $0.20 cents for a good safety razor. They also do not last very long maybe 1-2 shaves, before they are dull. The costs when you add them up over the course of one year are quite large. The entire industry is built on replacements.

The simple answer is the return to a straight blade razor, which you can hone yourself. You can get them new or buy old ones.. its possible you can shave daily with the same blade that someone used during the Civil War. However, in my currently surrounding the work and equipment involved with keeping a razor sharp would not work.

So, we go the middle road the older but still common DE (dual edge) razor’s that many people’s grandfathers and father’s used. Picture the old movies with the guy using a cup, and mixing soap with a badger hair brush before shaving. You still have to replace razor blades, but you can buy much higher quality razor blades in bulk then anything you will find hanging in plastic in the store. The razor’s themselves are metal and will last as long as you plan to take care of them. There is more of a learning curve involved. You cannot speed shave unless you plan to cut your face open. Modern shaving is based on the idea that you can do it quickly and its impossible to cause hard other then maybe a small nick. You could not even kill yourself if you wanted to try with a modern shaving razor. I am not saying go grab a plastic deposit-able and try to cut yourself, but the razor by design prevents you from going deep.

Current razor blades are not very sharp, you have to pull them across your face to tear the hair, modern gel’s are there to soften the hair so you do not cause as much irritation to the skin and make it less painful for the user. Classic wet shaving involves hot water and a good lather which raises and softens the hair, then a sharp blade that cuts the hair with no pressure from the shaver what so ever.

I am still doing research but plan to buy a razor and conduct some experiments myself.


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