4th of July

I honestly almost did not know what day it was till I was informed they were having t-bones steaks in the mess for lunch. A nice week or weekend, not sure if people have time off back in the states, for a cook-out and fireworks. I was going to comment on what took place, but the inevitable truth is there is a split between those who care and those who don’t. Even those who state they care, will most likely forgot the subject by Monday morning. *sigh* Its has nothing to do with Iraq but civics in general. Everyone is quick to list their rights and benefits but disappear when the responsibilities associated are mentioned. I am reminded of Thomas Paine’s, “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots”. I saw an article today about a woman who was stabbed to death in a supermarket and people just stepped over to continue shopping and one person paused to take a picture with a cellphone, but not one person helped. When did we lose track of our humanity? Most likely the same place where Americans fail the citizenship exam that non-citizens are required to take.

I did receive a “Happy 4th of July” message from a friend and his family, who is in the Swedish military, who I met during the Captains Career Course.

In other news, I received in the mail my DE razor and tested it out this morning. Yes, I cut my face up, well mostly my chin and neck. My face shave was very close and nice, but its a learning experience when it comes to the bottom of my face, the “how to shave” part of the razor is completely different then a disposable. I also love how the alum block which stops bleeding is described as a “cooling sensation” bloody stinging pain in my my own words. I figure I should be able to not cut myself by the end of the week, well maybe next week.

My 4th of the July has been spent working on excel sheets while listening to my Ipod. Someone mailed three CD’s full of country music, something around 90 songs give or take. No one wanted them, so I am now sitting here listening to music I have not heard since I was a kid, its all country from the late 70’s and 80’s. My parents listened to this stuff and still do but I rarely do, not out of any dislike but I swear its all love songs when you get right down to it… with divorce, beer, and other personnel issues involved. That may be why people do not like this form of music its too human and real; it may also be the stereotypical images of men and women. However, I am not sure how someone can dismiss the song writing presence in songs like D-I-V-O-R-C-E , and Sunday Morning Coming Down. *shrug*

Well I wish everyone a happy 4th, I really would love about two grilled hot dogs about now. Hot dogs made out of ground up everything, no turkey or beef only please.


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