June Net-worth

I am going to try to track my net-worth. I decided not to track property or household items. I have included my car, since I can sell it within a week or two if I put an effort into selling it.

June Networth

The HSBC account is somewhat unknown, I deposited $5,000 but yet to have access to the account. They have a system which while designed for customer safety is annoying, no one you talk to in on the phone or email has access to your account name and password. The account name is sent by email and the password in postage mail. I have not received my password even though the money was deposited back in May. I have sent emails and called their phone support, which surprised me since they accept collect calls if your calling international. While being very nice, they were not too helpful mainly due to the above reason stated. They said they would mail me my password again since according to them they had tried twice but it was returned both times. This is strange, USAA, said this recently in regards to my American Express card, they tried twice to send it to me but it was returned. I find it strange that the mailman can drop off mail to my home of record in the states with no problem but bank information gets kicked back. Even stranger is they have my email address listed, but neither bank made any attempt to contact me in regards to the mailing issue. *makes one wonder*

 Either way, I am planning to put more money into TSP (up to 35% of my pay) and plan to have my SDP sitting at $10,000 before the end of August.


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