Movies and shaving

Got to love bootleg movies in Iraq, so far I have seen Transformers and the new Harry Potter within the last week. Now, granted most of them tend to be filmed by a guy with a handycam in some asian theater. Not sure, why the movie industry targets people in the US.  If you want to stop pirates they need focus on Asia.  Most of the rips in the US are from DVD’s, but all the handycam or “company” copies that get released early seem to be from Asia.  The asian subtitles are a dead give away on the handycams.

Anyway, Transformer was ok, not sure why the studies try to add everything to a movie, was it an action movie? romance? kiddy film? I honestly do not know, seemed like it wanted to have violence but also a love story and appeal to older people and young kids all at the same time. I would not rent it.

On the opposite the Harry Potter was so so, the kid actors are growing up and I look forward to what roles they will play post “Potter”, the movie was darker but still basic idea.. evil guy is coming back.. looks like its the end.. evil guy loses to come back again..  its a too often repeated story and I will most likely buy the DVD just for the imagery not so much the story.

In other news, I can now shave myself with a safety razor with cutting myself! It really is a much closer shave; however the downside is that it takes me about 15 -20 mins to shave now from starting the process to finish.


One Response to “Movies and shaving”

  1. ramblingjenn Says:

    transformers was totally awesome but i remember them from when i was a kid, still havent seen harry yet but i hear its great! and you cut yourself with a safety razor?? or you meant you can shave without cutting yourself sounds painful
    Rambling Jenn

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