Furniture and opinions

I have been looking around to buy furniture when I get back to the states because I do not have anything. I want to move past the IKEA/Walmart stuff that snaps together and falls apart and put some money into a product that will last me for a few decades.

Going to link to quite a few items and looking for any input anyone may have. Most of my online shopping has been at Design Within Reach and Room and Board.

Living Room: This sofa, chair and ottoman.

Bedroom: This is one possible bed in walnut and this is the other in mocha. I will add the matching dresser and nightstand in mocha if I get that the Calvin style bed.

Other: I want to put some bookcases (gray) though-out my apartment without using too much space. I am thinking two big ones in the living room and one small bookcase (gray) in the bedroom or office. I thinking about this bench as either in the bedroom or as the table for the living room. Was looking at this dining table in walnut but it may be more then I need plus these chairs in ebony with black leather.

Office: Yes this chair is expensive but I want something i can sit in for a few years. This desk in mocha. This desk costs a bit more since you have to buy the bloody drawers seperate. This one seems to fit between the two going with a cherry top.

That is enough for now.


One Response to “Furniture and opinions”

  1. missrasp Says:

    so i really like the case study bed choice – the one in walnut. its different and modern. although i like darker stained wood better.
    ps. benches are cool. i love them anywhere. so yes to the bench. 🙂
    expensive chair. . . hmm. . .i don’t know. is that really worth it? if you sit alot then maybe. it looks very interesting.
    the sofa is nice and simple. i like that about it. is it comfortable i wonder?
    mocha – very nice color choice!
    at any rate, you are much more furniture savvy than me. i prefer not buying furniture yet at this stage in my life. 🙂 as long as my mattress is comfy, eh?

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