Magazines in the mail

I was surprised when I recieved some forwarded mail yesterday. It was a Men’s Journal magazine with my name on the mailing label.  I am rather sure I have not signed up for a magazine subscription by opting in somewhere online, like they always asked me when I used to go to Best Buy. So where did this magazine come from? Nice person gave me a subscription, technical error, or will I suddenly see a charge to my credit card or a bill in the mail for the magazine. Otherwise, its a rather decent read, considering I sometimes read the labels on hand sanitizer. I did do this after I read about a child that got drunk eating the stuff;)

I also got in my order from Amazon for the Planet Earth series from the BBC, I will start watching it tonight. Watching Battlestar Galactica is getting annoying… never watched it on TV just the ripped versions  over here.  It has four shows grip you and make you want to see what happens next then all the sudden you get one or two shows that serve no purpose. That seems to be a recurring example the series sets.

Watched the movie Layer Cake yesterday, its a British film and rather good, this one I will most likely buy on DVD.


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