More movies

Watched Die Hard III and Knocked Up this week.

Die Hard was neutered, the whole shut down the system thing I can understand.. but the stuff that no one in the entire city has the basic driving skills processed by a drunk blind man in Iraq (which has no driving tests or laws) I find hard to believe.  We can forgo the scenes of people driving 90 MPH though intersections and tunnels with no lights, at least make me believe something is possible.  I mean.. ok traffic is jammed…lets go though the tunnel.. wow all lanes are open… lets drive real fast… o the lights went out and I see cars coming at me… lets turn on the headlights and try to make it though.  Most likely if the system shut down people would go home (happened a few years ago) by bike, car, bus, walking and wait it out. Some people would go crazy and try to loot stuff and get arrested  but after a day or two that part would be over.

Knocked Up on the other hand made me laugh, I mean really laugh, that kind of laugh where you forget your doing it till everyone around you stops to look at you. It made some valid points about the sexes without all the romantic bullshit that finds it’s way in many movies and stayed a comedy. It was still a romantic comedy but it avoided all the stuff that made it hard to believe, other then the point she kept the kid. I found that the hard part to believe in that movie, they did mention abortion though.


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