Another Weekend

Some days you have your highpoint, today seems to have come down to a lull.

I will be going home for R&R here at the end of August. I was only at my new duty station for four weeks prior to going over here for this deployment so all my household goods are in government storage other then a bag of clothing in the truck of my car which is also in storage. I realized I am going home with just the uniform on my back to wear. I will have to go online and shop for some clothing, this is something I wanted to put off till later but I figure I can get four combo’s and wear that for 18 days. I will order some stuff online tomorrow and the next day and have it dropped off at my parents house in the states since I swing by and visit them. I think I will go get a rental car and just go up into the mountains and enjoy “green”. Been looking online at cabins for rent. Its a mental jump because you go so long without any sense of color then all the sudden you see grass and go “wow”!

Started to read Neal Stephenson’s “Cryptonomicon” based on a recommendation, I will most likely read some of it here in an hour, but right now I am listening to some relaxing music by Jack Johnson and drinking a Granini Banana puree drink (wish they sold these in the states somewhere I lived).


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