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July Networth

August 2, 2007

My July networth:


 My HSBC account is still at $5000; it has interest in the account but unsure how much since I have no access to the account.  Its been two months and even with one phone call; I have not recieved my password in the mail. I will need to call them again, once I do have access I will remove the funds, their service is horriable.

I am also waiting for my SDP to show the $5,000 I deposited into the account, the amount has left my bank on the tracker till I see it pop up in the SDP. The 10% interest rate there is amazing. I will finish maxing it at $10,000 this month, then racket up my TSP.

I lowered my car’s value down to $15,000. I can get more but not in a timeframe that I would really need to liquidite it. To be honest I would rather have a deflated sense of networth (notice, not included household items, and real estate) then some inflated number. I look at the concept of networth as everything I quickly turn into cash.

My mutual funds took, a hit from the market, but I am not worried. It provides an opportunity to buy low, since I plan to hold on to my stuff for awhile.

In other news, watching the news of the bridge collapse up in the Twin Cities.  The death toll appears low for now, hopefully it will not rise.



Disconnect between civilian and military circles

August 1, 2007

I saw an write up on the article, then did a Google search and read it myself.  It’s my belief that an examination of the issues addressed by Kristin Henderson’s “Their War” is instead of the more common “head in the sand” approach is needed.