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August Networth

September 25, 2007

AUG Networth

Ok, a bit late updating this, I was back in the states much like my last post was typed a month ago but just now got posted.

I took on some credit card debt while I was on leave in the states, mostly having to buy some clothing since everything I had was in storage in GA, and airline tickets.

I still have no access to the HSBC account, I had planned to get that fixed while in the states but never did. I will recontact them again this week. I will also have to contact FNBO, I have forgotten some information I need to access that account so in both cases I have interest that is not reflected.

I have maxed the SDP account, so now I will sit back and watch the interest grow in that account. I now have $740 dollars a month that is a budget surplus. I will pay off the credit card bill first, followed by increasing my TSP contribution along with allocating money into a fund for future vacations, since I have been asked quite nicely to go to Alaska when I get back to the US after this deployment.


I hate it when sweat drips from my chin just for walking

September 25, 2007

I swear sometimes I wonder if I should be paying someone for a sauna treatment, just without the humidity.

 I grabbed some San Benedetto, green tea and chugged one down, threw the other in the refrigerator.  I wish these Italian teas were sold in stores in the United States, instead of importing it from some mail order on-line site.  Maybe its just the real sugar, it makes the taste much more crisp and clean unlike the frustose syrup that is used in the US.

I ordered a new account with FNBO, which is offering an better rate then HSBC and I already have access to the account, something I still do not have with HSBC.

Almost finished the BBC Earth series, recently started reading the book, The Well-Educated Mind. Its mostly common sense, explains how to read and absorb information you read.  I have noticed that as I have gotten more specialized, I have frogetton so many basic things I used to know.