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SEPT Networth

October 26, 2007


Well I have finally gotten around to updating this, no longer have access at work, so takes a bit more work. I still have a little bit of credit card debt and some fire insurance on a property listed because the payment from checking has not posted yet, but they are paid. I finally after months got access to the HSBC account and transfered the money over, logged in the next day and had $17.26 in interest that was added after I had transfered the funds, so in the process of moving the interest then I will be closing the account. Putting money into the FNBO account but those transfers have not posted. While on leave I was given a chance to pick up some land for next to nothing, since it was in the family. I initially did not plan to list property since I cannot turn it into cash overnight, but since it is equity, I have decided to go ahead and list it at what its assessed value according to the 2007 property assessment. I was unsure how to put a price on the land and houses otherwise, figured this was the most straight forward. I am not looking to inflate my  net worth just see and track my slow improvement.