Well, I was able to put away just a tad more, which will disappear tomorrow when I start funding my Roth IRA. I realize this is the NOV networth but I am always a month and half behind on posting these. Looking back on the year, I did not do too bad. I missed fully funding my TSP, but I will put in $15,500 this upcoming year even though I could put in $45k since I am deployed, but I lack the money;)

I plan to fully fund my Roth and TSP this year, and get an taxable mutual fund to get more international exposure.

I have to start looking for housing when I get back to the states. I did not accept the bonus $30k for three years, instead getting a changing my job from combat arms into a specialty area of being a Comptroller. It just so happens Comptroller and the Finance Branch are merging in 2008, so I will end the year being a Finance Manager. In the military, its a bit different then civilian world, but its basically still a job of budgeting and funding. A new world of options have opened for me with this, and when I retire in 14 years (plan on 20, as long as I am having fun) I will have a much better leg up in the civilian world vs combat arms (basically leadership / management of a larger group).

My SDP (Saving Deposit Program) is building up quite nicely on that 10% interest rate. I plan to throw it into the FNBO account at 5.05% when i get back and use the funds to buy furniture and household goods.

No resolutions, I prefer to make changes when I realize I need to make a change. Its was a good year, I have some very fond memories, even though I spent the majority of the year in Iraq.


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