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JAN Networth

February 10, 2008

JAN Networth

My FNBO saving account just announced that their interest rate had dropped once again so I will be moving my house buying funds to a Vanguard Money Market account. I have now also fully funded my Roth IRA for 2008, and looking good to max my TSP. My new goal is to store away extra funds into the Money Market as a saving towards a house or condo later on.

I still have my furniture fund but I will just be getting a bedroom set, desk and chair when I get back and into my own place sometime in September 2008. I will slowly buy furniture and housewares on a budget after the initial purchases. I priced out an entire apartment for almost 17k at Room and Board and would spent 10k at William Sonoma with the knowledge that yes I spent alot of money that I could have gotten something that did the job just was well cheaper; but I am looking at it more of if I buy that one item I will never have to buy that item again mentality. Rather pay good money up front and only have to replace it if its lost.

Right now I still do not know where I will be in September, I hoping for a urban location in the United States. If I end up in a rural area I will most likely just rent but if in a city I will buy a condo. I will most likely rent for the first six months either way so that I can get to know the neighborhoods. I am looking for a 1-2 bedroom condo in a walkable urban area, something that I can get with VA loan and hold on to in the years to come. Due to location I should always be able to rent or if needed sell it due to location. However great location = $$$. Thus the need to learn the market whatever I end up, that will also give me the time to have a decent amount of money for a down payment and cover costs.

The market is going back and forward but not too worried, I just keep picking up shares and in for the long run. I did change my TSP from a Life cycle to International, since with my Target Retirement from Vanguard and Vanguard 500 index I wanted more international exposure.