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Networth Update

April 6, 2008

I have been busy the last few weeks, as you can see had a slight increase mostly from tax returns and extra $1,000 from for being deployed over 12 months.

I invested a little bit into the Visa IPO to test to the waters, plan on holding on to it long term and perhaps putting some more money into it down the road.

Right now I will be leaving GA when I get back to head to KS, with some trips up and down the east coast in between with stops in SC, VA and NY. I am excited about moving but at the same time a bit worried. Was reading some articles in a Kansas paper and for what I though was a somewhat conservative but progressive state some of the stuff like abortion and other issues seem like they came out of the 50’s or 60’s. I am most likely just reacting to some minor but vocal group, I have no problem with religion but when people stay talking about God this and that and laws and stuff, I just sit back and wonder if they ever took a basic class in school on civics or even understand anything about the history of their own government.

I plan to rent and will be buying some furniture and other things. Right now it looks like I will have $18,000 to spend; I have $15,000 put aside already. Now many will be like wtf, your wasting money but I plan to buy some things which will last; instead of buying and replacing items every three years. Now, I move often so I will have to pay for replacement insurance and pay much more attention to movers, but going to buy quality cooking pots and pans and knives etc.

I also plan to take a more serious look at blogging when I get back, perhaps own domain and use it for more then just updating on money which is what I have been doing over the last year while I was deployed and started this.